Carlos Vázquez

Carlos Vázquez
Associate professor
Department of Software and IT Engineering

Professor Carlos Vázquez joined the Software and IT Engineering Department of the ÉTS in august 2013. Previous to his appointment as Associate Professor at the ÉTS, he was a Research Scientist at the Advanced Video Systems research group of the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) in Ottawa from 2005 to 2013. 

Professor Vázquez conducts his research in the general field of visual information processing with a particular interest in three-dimensional vision systems and appplications. His research cover topics from capture to display including processing, analysis and interpretation of visual information

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Professor Vazquez is particularly interested in:

  • 3D–TV and stereoscopic imaging systems
  • Stereoscopic and multi-view image and video processing
  • Image and video coding
  • Image/video segmentation
  • 3D structure recovery from visual information
  • Real-time video processing


Undergaduate courses in IT and sotware engineering:
  • GTI310: Multimedia data structures.
  • GTI410: Application of digital methods to imaging and computer graphics.
  • LOG645: Parallel programming architectures.
  • LOG710: Principles of operating systems and OS programming.

Research affiliations

I am a member of the following research labs:

Contact info

Office: A-4472
Phone: 514 396-8450
Fax: 514 396-8405


Projet de doctorat disponible
Projet de doctorat en reconstruction 3D à partir d'images radiologiques. 
Carlos Vazquez devient professeur à l'ÉTS
Carlos Vazquez devient professeur au dép. de génie logiciel et des TI de l'ÉTS.