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Obtain a Master’s Degree or a Graduate Diploma (DESS) in Engineering in Québec

Do you hold an engineering diploma or a master’s (M2) in science and technology or engineering and want to obtain a graduate diploma in Québec? How would you like to earn this diploma at an academic institution that ranks among the top performers in Canada?

The École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), located in the heart of Montréal, has much to offer students from outside Québec who wish to develop skills in engineering, research and the management of technology projects.

Surrounded by a team of professors who have, for the most part, significant industry experience, you will also have access to leading-edge specialized equipment.

In short, a welcoming, stimulating and professionally-oriented environment awaits you at ÉTS!

Master’s with project or Graduate Diploma (DESS)

ÉTS graduate level engineering programs are directed at engineering graduates and masters (M2) who wish to expand their career opportunities, both in terms of research and technological innovation and in project management. 

ÉTS offers several graduate-level programs:

  • Specialized Graduate Studies Diplomas (Diplômes d'études supérieures spécialisées or DESS)
  • Master’s with thesis, research-oriented (M.A.Sc.)
  • Masters with project, course-oriented (M.Eng.)

In addition, French students may be admitted to the double degree program. 

A Wide Variety of Domains

Focused on today’s needs and anticipating those of tomorrow, ÉTS offers international students master's and DESS programs focused on industry needs. No matter what field is your passion, you will find a master's degree or graduate diploma that perfectly matches your goals. 

To find out more about areas of study, consult the page describing our graduate-level programs.

International-Calibre Research Labs

In the area of research, ÉTS holds second place among single-faculty Canadian universities for the total amount it dedicates to research funds. The reputation and success of our university stem from the quality of the education offered in the Master's and Ph. D. programs in engineering. It’s all to your advantage!

Admission Criteria for Master’s Programs and DESS Diplomas

To be admitted to a master’s program or DESS, you must hold an engineering diploma or a master’s (M2) in science and technology or engineering, or an equivalent diploma. 

However, exceptions do exist: to confirm your eligibility, check the admission criteria for each of the graduate programs. These admission criteria are found under the Admissions tab provided on each of our engineering program descriptions.

The Director of the designated program will make his or her admission decision after analyzing your application for admission, on the basis of courses followed and results achieved during your university studies.

International Students at ÉTS
Greater Montréal is home to more than 30,000 international students at the
post-secondary level, nearly 80% of the
Québec total
At ÉTS, 25% of graduate students are women
More than 60% of ÉTS graduate students come from outside Canada