How can you find out more about ÉTS’ programs of study in engineering?

Throughout the year, our team organizes information sessions here at ÉTS and at CÉGEPs and high schools. Watch the calendar of activities planned for each level of study.

Undergratuate Programs

Please note that ÉTS does not visit CEGEPs during the winter session. However, you can always contact us if you have questions concerning our programs:  Programs-Info.

Graduate Programs

Should you have any questions about our Graduate Programs, feel free to write to us: Program-Info

February 25  Séance d’information financement
MITACS, CRSNG et Décanat des études
Pavilion A  
Room A-1160
March 6  Séance d’information programme des cycles supérieurs professionnels   ÉTS 
Pavilion A 
Room A-1064 
March 20 Soirée des cycles supérieurs 
Maison des étudiants 
Room E-2033
April 4   Les Échanges scientifiques   ÉTS
Pavilion A
Room A-1248 
International Activities
celia-nour is an electrical engineering student at ets
I feel like I’ll be able to work in environment, start a business or do an MBA…. Things that I didn’t dream of in CEGEP, for example. Icon
Celia-Nour Mahour-Venturelli, electrical engineering student.

When she was studying for her DEC diploma in health sciences at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Celia-Nour Mahour-Venturelli already knew she would be studying electrical engineering. Drawn toward green energies, solar panels, wind turbines and hydro power, the student wanted to work in a sector deeply connected with her values.

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yann facchinello is a engineering doctoral student at ets
The accessibility of ÉTS professors is an element that really impressed me. Icon
Yann Facchinello, Doctoral student

In 2008, Yann Facchinello, an engineering student in Materials Science at Polytech Grenoble in France, wrote an e-mail to Vladimir Brailovski, faculty researcher at ÉTS, to apply for an undergraduate internship. Less than ten years later, Mr. Facchinello obtained a PhD under the direction of Professor Brailovski.

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