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Electronic deposit of dissertations and theses

The final version of a dissertation or a thesis must be submitted in electronic format. Here are the instructions.

Document format

If you used Word you must submit :

  • a Word file
  • a PDF file

If you used LaTeX you must submit :

  • all LaTEX files required for the production of the thesis
  • a PDF file

The dissertation or thesis must be presented in a single file (except for LaTeX) which will be referred to as the main body. If you need help producing the required files, please contact the Library Services at

Important checks

  1. Make sure that you have correctly included all elements in the main body of the document. For example if you used Microsoft Word, you must use the Insert/Object function instead of Link a file. This is very important.
  2. For images, the following three formats are accepted: GIF, PNG and JPG. Images and charts must not be compressed.
  3. Multimedia items must not be in the same file as the main body of the document. For these items, there are no restrictions on the types of files accepted, but Library Services does not guarantee that these files will remain accessible in the future, nor does it guarantee that the software needed to play these files will be available. You must include a list of files other than the main body and a brief description of those files on the CD-ROM or in the e-mail.
  4. There should be no script code or executable files in the main body of the document.
  5. As the document will be converted into PDF/A (archiving format), if hyperlinks must be included in your text, you must enter them in detail. For example, "The solutions are from the MATLAB site (".
  6. The files must not be locked or protected (password, print limitations, encryption).
  7. Make sure that you have used a "TrueType" font in the main body of the document (for example, Times New Roman or Arial).
  8. Include all used fonts in your document (these operations must be performed on the computer that was used to produce the document).

    To embed the fonts used:
  • On Word, click on the File tab and then on Options
  • In the Save section and then in the Preserve fidelity when sharing this document sub-section:
    • Check Embed fonts in the file
    • Check Embed only the characters used in the document
    • Uncheck Do not embed common system fonts
  • Click on OK to close the window.

    1) If you used MathType and do not include the fonts in your Word document, some equations may not be displayed correctly and it will not be possible to generate a PDF/A (archiving standard for PDF files).
    2) Some fonts are protected by copyright so it is important to use only the fonts suggested in the Writer’s Guide.

Converting from Word to PDF

It is possible to obtain a PDF or PDF/A file from the docx file with the Word features. Simply save the document in PDF or PDF/A format (in File then click on Save As) or use the Print function (in File then Print) and select the Adobe PDF printer.