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Are your Research Projects and Academic Activities Compliant with the Law?

Certain university activities as well as others related to research, teaching or student clubs may be subject to regulatory controls arising from national and international obligations. These security checks are intended to control access to and the possession and transfer of technologies that may affect the national security of Canada and its international partners, and to avoid the proliferation of certain technologies for military use or that can be used by terrorist groups.

Regulatory compliance of research projects and student activities

Canada has enacted and signed various national and international laws intended to control the transfer of certain technologies and access to them. For example, access to certain materials, instruments, equipment and technologies may be limited or prohibited. As a student or researcher at ÉTS, you are required to comply with these laws and regulations.

These various laws may have an impact on:

  • Grant applications;
  • Student participation in projects requiring these specific technologies;
  • Publications;
  • Intellectual property;
  • The design and purchase of equipment and research instruments;
  • Computer Systems (laptops, cloud computing);
  • Student clubs;
  • Donated equipment.

Exports, technologies, goods and security: Laws to be respected

It is your responsibility to know the various applicable laws and comply with them. You will find below a list of the various programs to which Canada has subscribed. You can learn more about the regulations and the technologies concerned by clicking on the links.

What are the risks of contravening these statutes?

The applicable sanctions are at once financial, administrative and legal. The American laws have extraterritorial scope regardless of your place of residence. In addition to the American sanctions (EAR, ITAR, OFAC, IEEPA), you will find the applicable Canadian sanctions listed on the Global Affairs Canada website.

What should you do if you think your activities could be subject to regulatory control?

If you believe your research project or academic activities may be subject to any of these regulations, contact the certified designated representative for ÉTS. He will help you assess your project and ensure that it complies with the regulations in force.

Please note that information found on this page has been simplified and does not constitute a legal or other type of opinion.