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The Ethics of Research with Animals

Are you doing research with animals? If so, you must obtain an ÉTS certificate of compliance before beginning your research work.

Who requires a certificate of compliance? 

According to the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC), any activity that uses vertebrates or cephalopods for purposes of research, teaching, testing or for display purposes must be evaluated and approved by an Animal Care Committee (ACC).

ÉTS does not have an Animal Care Committee; the Research Ethics Committee (CÉR) monitors all projects involving animals.

Obtaining a Certificate of Compliance is Your Responsibility

If you are a member of the ÉTS community – either a student, professor or researcher – and you are participating in a research project requiring animals, your project must be submitted to the Research Ethics Committee, even if it has already been approved by another institution. When the dossier is approved, the committee will issue a certificate attesting that the project complies with institutional policies.

For more details on how to obtain your certificate of compliance, please communicate with the CÉR Coordinator.