Real-Time DVB S2 Tx/Rx SDR Modems for SatCom Anti-Jamming

Satellites act as relay stations and form a critical part of the world-wide communications infrastructure. In combination with the ever-increasing thirst for satellite communications bandwidth, will inevitably lead to a dramatic increase in Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).The AVIO-601 project aims to develop a technical framework for the detection, measurement and mitigation of RFI to resolve satellite link interference issues and increase the global robustness of SatCom systems.

In the project, a demonstrator (based on SATCOM emulator RT Logic T400cs, SDR NanoBee and MegaBee) has been developed for evaluating the performances of the integrated prototype within a real Satellite Communication link and several RFI scenarios.  

Required knowledge

The student project will focus on the real-time DVB S2 signal transmitter and receiver in this demonstrator. The student will implement DVB S2 signal transmitter and receiver in SDR modems (NanoBee and MegaBee).

Final hardware optimizations of the RFI mitigation module also be required to efficiently use the hardware resources, as well as to guarantee the full compatibility with rest of the hardware equipment.

Through the project, the student will become familiar with a real software radio platform. He/she will develop embedded code to transmit and capture RF signals, and validate the results in operational environments.

Traitement des signaux, Programmation systèmes embarqués, C, VHDL

Desired program of studies

Masters with project, Masters with thesis

Research domains

Aerospace, Information and communications technologies


  • 14 000 $ par année du professeur

Additional information

Début du projet : 2018-10-08


  • Thales
  • Telesat Canada
  • ATEM
  • Vigilant