Procedural Character Animation for Heavy Equipment Training Simulation

This project will focus on the development of procedural animation controllers for human characters in physics-based training simulations. The controllers will drive a physics-based character to follow a motion specified by an animation clip or 3D trajectory, as defined by the scenario designer. However, the controllers must adapt the motion of human characters to account for dynamical behaviors of the underlying simulation.

A notable use case in the context of construction training is the manipulation of objects by worksite personnel. For instance, guiding a load lifted by a crane into place. The human character should react to changes based on the input of the trainee and the physical response of the simulation.

Required knowledge

Strong knowledge of C++ and linear algebra. Experience with computer graphics, video game engines, and real-time physics simulation is also desirable.

Desired program of studies

Masters with project, Masters with thesis

Research domains

Information and communications technologies


Une bourse de professeur / funding is available 

Additional information

Date de début : 2019-09-02 
Partenaire impliqué : CM Labs Simulations