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Multi-scale methods for contact and elastic simulation

The student will focus on developing multi-scale techniques for large-scale soft- and rigid-body simulations with contact. A particular interest will be on developing a multi-scale solver for heterogenous elastic models using a homogenization strategy. Additionally, the project will investigate accelerating frictional contact simulations using multi-scale approaches where contact is modeled as a linear complementarity problem. Combining multi-grid methods with numerical acceleration (Anderson, Nesterov) will also be explored. 

Required knowledge

A basic knowledge of linear algebra is essential. Knowledge of video games, physics simulation, and/or 3D graphics is beneficial.  The candidate should have strong programming skills, particularly in C++ or Python. 


Desired program of studies

Masters with thesis

Research domains

Sensors, Networks and Connectivity


Accepted candidates will be funded through a stipend. Funding is competitive with other Quebec universities. 

Additional information

Starting : Autumn 2022 / Winter 2023

Keywords: physics-based animation, multiscale methods, numerical methods, solvers