Modelling of wear and fatigue generated in high voltage conductors at internal contact points close to suspension clamp

Worldwide, high voltage transmission lines are aging and require more and more inspection and repair operations. The proposed Ph.D. research project belongs to a larger project, which proposes the design of an instrumented suspension clamp capable of detecting and monitoring the degradation of in-service power transmission strands. The proposed Ph.D. research project aims at producing a finite element modelling procedure for numerical prediction of strand fatigue life. The project methodology rests on an existing finite element model offering detailed descriptions of the internal conductor forces. While the original modelling strategy has already been published by members of the project team, the present Ph.D.  research will have to complete the procedure by the addition of an interwire contact stress analysis allowing wear and fatigue degradation predictions of conductors close to suspension clamps.

Ph.D. project OBJECTIVES:

1.    To develop a generic suspension clamp/conductor modelling procedure based on an existing model to identify the critical (based on wear and fatigue) points of the conductor close to the clamp;
2.    To establish the relationship between available experimental SN curves obtained for existing suspension clamp/conductor combinations and the critical points predicted with the numerical procedure; 
3.    To analyze the quality of the loading severity predictions obtained from the standard Yb descriptor, and, if needed, identify more efficient damage descriptors;
4.    To evaluate the possibility of combining experimental SN curves established for known clamps with the modelling procedure to predict the fatigue life of new clamp geometries;

Required knowledge

Prerequisite: Mechanical engineering background, Knowledge of the Finite Element Method    

Desired program of studies


Research domains

Sustainable Development, the Circular Economy and Environmental Issues, Infrastructure and the Built Environment


Research grant: 21 000$/year

Additional information

Partner involved : Helix Uniformed 

Starting : Summer of fall 2022