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Multiscale modelling of stranded cables including the local effects of interwire contact fatigue

Helical strands (cables) assume critical functions in many infrastructures and mechanical or electrical systems. Their structural integrity is particularly vulnerable to dynamic bending loads causing local fatigue damage at interwire contact interfaces. The modelling of this complex phenomenon poses some challenges, especially regarding the interactions between the global strand kinematics and the local fatigue damage mechanisms at contact points.

This PhD project takes part in a research program aiming to characterize and better understand the cable damage mechanisms, essential to the development of new solutions of analysis, design and repair of cabled structures.

The main objective of this project seeks the development of a multi-scale modelling approach combining both the full cable stranded structure and a detailed description of the contact interactions between wires

Required knowledge

- Advance skills and knowledge in numerical analysis and finite element modelling
- Knowledge in contact mechanic and fatigue damage analysis
- Programming skills would be an asset
- Motivated and creative with the ability to work independently as well as in a team

Desired program of studies


Research domains

Infrastructure and the Built Environment, Innovative Materials and Advanced Manufacturing


Scholarship from professor offered

Additional information

 Starting : Winter 2023 - Summer 2023 - Fall 2023