Intelligent Spectrum Utilization and Medium Access Control for Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)

 Our research group aims to identify, adapt, and develop technologies which support tactical and humanitarian missions, protect conveys in hostile regions, provide rapid communications deployment for disaster recovery, provide maritime communication for coastal surveillance, etc. In this project, we focus on both the spectrum and network analytics and optimization for heterogeneous networks (HetNet). We have multiple openings for PhD and MSc students to develop algorithms for efficient spectrum utilization, channel access, and network management. Specifically, we are interested to design spectrum aware radios that are able to collaborate autonomously with other radios and completely realize the potential of this awareness to increase the spectrum efficiency and avoid transmission disruption. Moreover, we will investigate advanced machine learning (ML) schemes to support higher throughput and lower latency traffic. Achieve autonomous traffic management to avoid disruption of service. 

Required knowledge

To carry out different parts of the project ,we are looking for candidates with a strong background in various field including: wireless communications, information theory, and machine learning. 

Desired program of studies

Masters with project, Masters with thesis, Doctorate, Postdoctoral studies

Research domains

Information and communications technologies


Scholarships are available for this project

Additional information

Patenaire impliqué : Ultra Electronics TCS 

Start :

  • 2019-01-01