High-Level Applications and Services in the Cloud-to-Edge Chain

IoT devices generate large amounts of data that needs to be processed to support decision making. In a traditional cloud-centric model, processing takes place in cloud data centers, based on the data collected by sensors. However, this cloud-centric approach has significant limitations for delay-sensitive and critical applications. Edge computing, an emergent paradigm, provides a model in which portions of the data processing is moved towards the devices themselves, and directly on them.

My research aims at exploring novel distributed paradigms for building reliable, scalable and distributed applications that can benefit from the processing capabilities of heterogeneous edge and cloud devices.

My research lab - the Cloud-to-Edge lab at ÉTS Montréal - has openings for post-doctoral and PhD positions, with a strong background in systems, in the broad areas of:

- Edge computing/IoT (e.g., scheduling, adaptation, services)
- Decentralized (i.e., peer-to-peer) edge-based services and systems (e.g., serverless, DHTs, Pastry)
- Distributed Stream Processing (DSP) at the edge
- Publish/subscribe-based communications (e.g., topic-based / MQTT, RabbitMQ/AMQP content-based)
- Web-of-Things

Required knowledge


- Strong Post-Doctoral and PhD applicants will be given priority; however, strong applications from Master’s with thesis (MSc) candidates will be given consideration
- A good command over the English language (both spoken and written), given that research is typically disseminated in English. Academic supervision and courses can be done in English or French.
- Relevant degrees (PhD, MSc, undergrad) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or related discipline, and very good academic grades.
- Excellent programming skills. Experience with developing systems software (e.g., operating systems kernels, compilers, client-server applications, web applications, middleware) is an asset.
- Research experience in the form of internships, research projects and/or papers in international venues is an asset (especially for post-doctoral and doctoral applicants).
- Ability to work independently and be self-driven

Desired program of studies

Doctorate, Postdoctoral studies

Research domains

Software Systems, Multimedia and Cybersecurity


These positions are fully funded. Funding comes from the ÉTS Marcelle-Gauvreau Research Chair on Applications and Services in Edge Computing and from other sources.

Additional information

Starting : Summer/Fall  2022

More details on the different research directions can be found at: http://www.juliengs.ca/openings-prospective-students

Several openings for post-doctoral and PhD positions. Exceptional candidates at the Master's level will be considered.
To apply, please visit: http://www.juliengs.ca/openings-prospective-students/