Seismic risk studies in urban environment

We are looking for a specialist in seismic evaluation of structures for damage estimation. Seismic risk assessment in urban environment requires the estimation of structural damage based on the structural response of buildings or bridges to earthquake loads, and the definition of damage thresholds.  Once combined to the seismic demand this information allows generating fragility data for the prediction of damage to installations and the incurring socio-economic losses. The research program undergoing at École de technologie supérieure in Montréal comprises projects studying the seismic behaviour of existing buildings, in particular unreinforced masonry structures, damage estimation to large inventory of buildings and bridges and quantification of uncertainties generated along the computation process. The candidate will have to participate actively in the ongoing projects in the field and develop new research proposals.

Required knowledge

He or she will have to:  
• Contribute in planning and completing seismic risk studies with research partners (inventory data management, generation of fragility data, quantification of uncertainties);
• Develop  an experimental testing program on unreinforced masonry and supervise its realization;
• Document and communicate progress while identifying eventual problems that could affect specifications, calendars and budget of the projects.
• Interact with research partners and graduate students;
• Advise students involved in the projects and assist in their supervision.
Ideal candidate should have:
• Solid competences in structural engineering in activities relating to seismic evaluation of existing structure by numerical analysis (linear-dynamic, non-linear static, time history);
• Relevant experience in the analysis of unreinforced masonry buildings would be an asset as well as some experience in testing of structures;
• Knowledge in statistics and methods for estimation of uncertainties;
• Already have published as first author in scientific journals and conference proceedings;
• Inter-personal qualities and competences for team work. 

Education : Ph.D. degree in civil or construction engineering.
Language : Being able to communicate in French and in English would be an asset.

Desired program of studies

Postdoctoral studies

Research domains

Infrastructures and built environment


Full-time position with annual salary (conditions to be determined).

Additional information

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Starting : 2019-05-01
  • Partners involved: Several partners are involved in the projects, such as Geological Survey Canada or Ministère de la sécurité publique du Québec