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Development of a software solution to modify CAD objects

This project is about the development of a C++ software with the Open Cascade library. The project aims to reduce the error between a Computer Aided Modeling (CAD) object and a real object. Given the measured 3D error between the CAD object and the object made by additive fabrication, we will create a second CAD object which, after being fabricated, will result in an object that better matches the original CAD object. To do so, we will use minimization approaches (e.g., gradient descent or linear least squares).    

Required knowledge

The ideal student has some knowledge of computer graphics and is a capable C++ programmer. Knowledge related to CAD modeling, Open Cascade, OpenGL or Direct3D, spline and NURBS surfaces, numerical optimization or Python are also interesting assets.  


Desired program of studies

Masters with project, Masters with thesis

Research domains

Software Systems, Multimedia and Cybersecurity


 Depending on the candidate’s profile, a scholarship might be provided

Additional information

Starting:  Summer / Fall 2023/ Winter 2024

Partner involved: National Research Council Canada (NRC)

 While ÉTS is a French speaking engineering school, all of the courses and the thesis can be done in English. Montréal is quite bilingual and someone who knows English and very basic French can do all of their day-to-day activities without any problem.