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Development and optimisation of a polymer additive manufacturing process inspired by the low pressure MIM process

The thesis project focuses on the development and optimisation of an additive manufacturing process based on the MIM (Metal Injection Molding) process. The principle of MIM is based on the injection of a thermoplastic polymer highly charged with metal particles. The injected part is then subjected to a debinding/sintering treatment which finally results in a metallic part. The transposition of this injection process to additive manufacturing by depositing molten polymer offers particularly promising opportunities for the manufacture of low-cost metal parts (polymer technology simple to implement) with great freedom of design and the possibility of manufacturing single parts or small series. This subject is a major issue in the field of additive manufacturing with the arrival on the market of players such as Desktop Metal and Markforged (from MIT) and other European players.
This thesis will be co-financed by ETS Montreal and will involve Professor Nicole Demarquette (Polymer processing) and Professor Vincent Demers (MIM specialist). The contribution of IMT Nord Europe in this thesis project will focus on the study and optimisation of the additive manufacturing process of highly filled polymers. The contribution of ETS will focus more specifically on the debinding/sintering stage of the manufactured parts. It should be noted that the originality of the process developed will be to be inspired by the low pressure MIM process, which is highly developed industrially but little studied at the academic level.

Required knowledge

With a Master's degree in polymer chemistry or materials science, the candidate is fluent in written and spoken English and has validated skills in one or more of the following areas: 3D printing, rheology, physical chemistry and polymer processing

Desired program of studies


Research domains

Innovative Materials and Advanced Manufacturing


ETS Scholarship of approximately 2200 CAD net/mois.

Additional information

Début : January 2024

This thesis work will be carried out in the framework of a collaboration involving tEcole de Technologie Supérieure (Mechanical Engineering Department) in Montreal and IMT Lille Douai.