Characterization of thermoplastic composites for space applications

In order to meet the needs of the space industry, new high performance materials need to be designed and optimized, materials such as polymeric composites reinforced by nano or micro fillers allowing the increase the conductivity and/or to mitigate space charge accumulation that could lead to internal electrostatic discharges. Polymer blends such as PEEK/PEI will be loaded with carbon nanotubes, carbon black or other fillers (SiC, BN …) in order to enhance several properties such as conductivity, field grading capacity, dielectric strength, resistance to corona discharges, thermal expansion coefficient or resistance to cracking. This project will lead to a better understanding of the degradation of high temperature thermoplastic composites subjected to spatial environmental stresses.

Required knowledge

The candidate should be graduated in material engineering or in either electrical or mechanical engineering with a good background in material sciences. 

Desired program of studies

Masters with thesis, Doctorate

Research domains

Materials and manufacturing


Scholarship will be provided for the duration of the project

Additional information

Starting : 2019-05-06