Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Multifunctional Construction Materials

About the Chair

Urbanization is intensifying all across the planet, causing demand for new buildings and infrastructure assets to increase accordingly. The construction industry generates a great deal of waste, and the Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Multifunctional Construction Materials intends to develop and fabricate environmentally responsible and sustainable materials within a circular economy as part of the green transition.

The objective is to design and demonstrate the added value of materials with advanced functionalities, designed to adapt to their environment and to climate change, to transform pollutants and to respond to other emerging needs.


The Chair is pursuing the following vision:

  • Design and manufacture of multifunctional construction materials: 
    • Design materials that are adaptable to climate change and the circular economy to facilitate the green transition; 
    • Develop and model materials using algorithmic methods and robotic manufacturing;
    • Create construction materials with environmental properties to mitigate or neutralize the impact of certain pollutants. 
  • Environmental assessment of construction materials within the circular economy: 
    • Establish an approach that targets the responsible use of resources and waste reduction in the procurement of materials right from the design stage.

Another of the Chair’s priorities is to train highly skilled personnel in this field.