Laboratoire de thermique et science du bâtiment

About the laboratory

The research activities at the Laboratory of Thermal and Building Science (LTSB) focus on the areas of thermal and building science, of the study of the production, transmission and use of heat, the quality of the interior environment, the performance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and the hygrothermal performance of the building envelope.

The mission of the research team at LTSB is to train highly skilled researchers and personnel who will pursue improvements in the energy and hygrothermal performance of buildings through the analysis of real problems.


The research activities at LTSB involve various types of buildings and interior spaces, including commercial and institutional buildings, industrial spaces and controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) spaces, among others.

Fields of research at LTSB:

  • Heat and humidity transfer inside buildings (experiments, analysis, modeling and digital simulation);
  • Design, analysis and control of HVAC systems;
  • Digital flow simulation (CFD) inside buildings;
  • Solar systems;
  • Thermal storage;
  • Quality of the interior environment (thermal comfort and air quality);
  • Energy efficiency.