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GRANIT – Research Group on Numerical Applications in Engineering and Technology


The mission of the GRANIT research group is to develop and apply high-efficiency computational methods to problems related to fluid and solid dynamics on a massive scale.

Research projects focus on advanced modeling methods based on finite elements-volumes and machine learning, along with stochastic methods for quantifying uncertainties. The methods that are developed are applied to a variety of complex engineering problems, including flood simulation, dam stability, 3D printing, the performance of hydraulic machines and external aerodynamics.


Our research is focused of the following areas:

  • High-performance parallel computing using CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphic processing unit) clusters;
  • Analysis of the propagation of uncertainties using numerical solvers;
  • Optimization of additive manufacturing processes;
  • Stochastic optimization of the parameters of rockfill dams;
  • Stochastic analysis of the outflows of dam failures;
  • Establishment of probabilistic flood maps;
  • New non-intrusive stochastic model reduction approaches to high-dimension problems (polynomial chaos, B-splines, deep networks);
  • Three-dimensional modeling of cracks in solids;
  • Deep learning algorithms.
  • Azzeddine Soulaïmani
  • Azzedine Abdedou
  • Shubham Chaudry
  • Vincent Delmas
  • Adil Fahsi
  • Pierre Jacquier
  • Gullnaz Shahzadi
  • Mamadou Kabirou Touré
  • Jean Marie Zokagoa