Canada Research Chair in Measuring the Impact of Human Activities on Climate Change

About the Chair

The objective of the Chair is to develop innovative and highly advanced measuring tools to better quantify the impact of human activities on climate change based on the latest knowledge. Stakeholders from the various levels of government can then use these tools in developing and implementing their climate change action plans.


By combining new data sources and models borrowed from various disciplines, the tools that are developed will make it possible to evaluate the impact of strategies that are adopted at the municipal, provincial and federal level, taking into account phenomena that are often overlooked due to their complexity.


  • The primary research focus is to develop a more accurate inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the municipal level, featuring high spatial and temporal resolution.
    Examples of projects:
    • Development of high spatial and temporal resolution GHG emission data for key sectors;
    • Development of methane emission data based on measurements;
    • Integration of a life cycle approach (LCA) into the inventory of GHG emissions within the urban territory;
    • Development of support tools for government stakeholders and community engagement tools for citizens.
  •  The second research focus is to create advanced modeling tools to facilitate the evaluation of climate change mitigation strategies at the provincial and national levels.
    Examples of projects:
    • Development of approaches that combine a LCA with other models to take into account the consequences of implementing policies related to GHG emissions;
    • Integration of factors other than GHG emissions that have an impact on climate change.