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CEOx1DAY program

Two ÉTS students selected to be CEO for a day

Monday, February 6, 2023

Cloé Dutil, a student in the Software Engineering Department, and William Sylvain, a student in the Construction Engineering Department, will soon have an opportunity to spend a day receiving mentorship from top executives. They are among the 32 students across Canada who have been selected to take part in the CEOx1DAY program organized by Odgers Berndtson, the largest integrated leadership consulting services firm in Canada. 

Learning to create added value for an organization

The CEOx1DAY program operates in more than a dozen countries worldwide, giving promising future leaders an opportunity to walk in the shoes of a senior business leader. Students in the third or fourth year of their Bachelor program learn about the level of responsibility and the complexities required for today’s leading executives, while also getting a feel for how these leaders create value in their organizations.

Cloé Dutil, third-year Bachelor student in the Software Engineering Department
Cloé Dutil

On February 21, Cloé Dutil will spend the day with Nathalie Morin, CEO of Polystyvert, a company that is firmly entrenched in the circular economy with its breakthrough technology for dissolving and recycling polystyrene.

Cloé, who is currently in her third year, received a 2022 Palmarès Féminin pluriel scholarship, heads the Délégation des compétitions en informatique de l’ÉTS (ÉTS Delegation for computer science competitions) and plays an active role in a number of other student clubs. She is also deeply involved with Les scientifines, an organization dedicated to scientific popularization activities. Cloé believes that it is never too early to introduce young girls to STEM.

William Sylvain, fourth-year Bachelor student in the Construction Engineering Department
William Sylvain

On February 26, William Sylvain will spend the day with Éric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bombardier.

William comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and plans to join an active start-up operating in the areas of construction project and site management and construction law after he completes his Bachelor program in May 2023. Vice-President of Operations for the Réseau d'entreprenariat technique et stratégique (RETS – Technical and strategic entrepreneurship network) at ÉTS and member of the club de la moto électrique (COMETS – Electric motorbike club), William fully intends to become a key player in the young business. 

A rigorous selection process

Cloé and William were subjected to a rigorous nomination process, and were selected for their positive contribution to the community, leadership abilities and academic excellence. It should prove very interesting to follow the progress of these determined young leaders, who are committed to applying their skills and vision to the benefit of whichever organizations they may join.


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