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The Great North and its challenges

An annual scientific meeting

Monday, November 14, 2022
didier haillot
Didier Haillot is a professor at ÉTS and a member of Observatoire international hommes-milieux du Nunavik.

Researchers from the Observatoire hommes-milieux International du Nunavik (OHMI), including Didier Haillot from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at École de technologie supérieure (ETS Montreal), will meet via Zoom on November 24 and 25, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Eastern time).

They will present the results of seven research activities that were been launched to address issues arising from climate, ecological and social changes in the Arctic (see table below for the projects that will be presented).

Interested in attending these discussions (in French only)? Write to or

Research themes include:

  • Industrial development, sustainable development and renewable energy sources
  • Food security and self-sufficiency
  • Inuit health and well-being and their relationship to the environment
  • Climate change, natural hazards and vulnerabilities of users of Nunavik parks, protected areas and cultural sites
  • Traditional knowledge, heritage, intergenerational discussions and Inuit perception of their territory


Interested in attending these discussions (in French only)? Write to or

Preliminary Program 

November,  24 

Projet Siqiniq
Stéphane Gibout, Didier Haillot, Paul Piché, Danielle Monfet, Cedric Arrabie, Jasmin Raymond, Timothée Maheux, Robin Chaubier

Projet Nuna
Fabienne Joliet, Laine Chanteloup, Thora Herrmann, Daniel Chartier, Véronique Coxam

Projet Kinngaq
Armelle Decaulne, Najat Bhiry, Beatriz Funatsu

November, 25

Projet U-Scan
Véronique Coxam, Danielle Cloutier, Julien Gigault, Charlotte Carrier-Belleau, Fabienne Joliet, Laine Chanteloup, najat Bhiry, Armelle Decaulne

Projet Takujuq
Armelle Decaulne, Daniel Germain, Fabienne Joliet, Laine Chanteloup, Thora Herrmann

Najat Bhiry, Anne-Julia Rollet, Armelle Decaulne

Projet Paysages animaux, paysages humains
Laurent Godet, Nicolas Lecomte

About OHMI-Nunavik

This group was created on the initiative of the CNRS (France) and CEN (Quebec) research institutes, and the communities residing in Nunavik who wish to take control of the development and management of their territory, particularly in a context where the Arctic is undergoing climate, ecological and social changes.Pour en savoir plus : 

Observatoire hommes-milieux International du Nunavik (OHMI)

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