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Professor Christine Tremblay featured in the June edition

Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Christine Tremblay
Christine Tremblay

Professor Christine Tremblay of the Electrical Engineering Department at ÉTS is cited as an expert in fibre-optics in the June 2022 issue of Physics World magazine, which is dedicated to celebrating the International Year of Glass.

Within the context of this article, Professor Tremblay, an Engineering Physicist, talks about joys of a career spent making fibre-optic networks cheaper, smarter and more resilient, opening the way for telecommunications firms to send voice, data and video streams down hair-thin strands of glass at ever-increasing bit rates.

Specializing in optical communications, Christine Tremblay joined ÉTS in 2004, after a lengthy career in the private sector, most notably at the INO, EXFO, Nortel and Roctest. She is also the Founder and Head of the Network Technology Laboratory at ÉTS.

Her research interests primarily involve exploring machine learning techniques for optical telecommunication applications, designing coherent flexible optical networks, monitoring optical networks and the characterization and modeling of the physical layer of optical networks.

Olivier Audet

Public Affairs and Government Relations Service

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