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Four teams from ÉTS excel during the COSMIC Software Estimation Challenge

Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Software and Information Technology Engineering Department has reason to be extremely proud of its students! No fewer than four teams from ÉTS took home prizes on March 27, during the COSMIC 2021 Software Estimation Challenge, an international student competition that focuses on the measurement of software development projects. 

The event – held virtually – was organized by the Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC), an organization that was created in 1998 and that specializes in measuring the functional size of software, primarily for the purpose of estimating the effort required for development. COSMIC works closely with the ISO, among other organizations, to publish a standard (ISO/IEC 19761).

Professors Alain April and Pierre Bourque incorporated the preparation of their students for the competition into laboratory activities for the Project Management and Quality Assurance course, which is mandatory for Bachelor programs in Software and Information Technology Engineering.

Three weeks of preparations

Adjunct Professor Jean-Marc Desharnais is heavily involved in COSMIC, and acted as coach during the three weeks of preparation. The competition was held on March 27. 

As a first step, the participating teams were given the specifications for a small software application to be developed, along with a set of productivity data related to previous projects. At the end of the competition, which lasted three hours, the teams had to produce an estimate of the effort required to execute the submitted project, including detailed results from all of the intermediate steps leading to their estimate. The verdict: four teams from ÉTS garnered the three top prizes!

1st prize (500 €)

Professor: Alain April

  • Marc-Olivier Belisle
  • Vincent Paradis
  • Jonathan Dionne Morin
  • Carl-Alexandre Cordova Miguel
  • Antoine Germain-Lacroix

2nd prize (300 €)

Professor: Pierre Bourque

  • Joël Tremblay
  • Ayoub Oukal
  • Benjamin Roy-Crôteau
  • Mohamed Abdallah Ndoye
  • Myriam Le Jour

3rd prize (200 €)

Professor: Pierre Bourque

  • Michaël Côté
  • Benjamin Le Dû
  • Cédric Deukam
  • Marie-Lucie Sylvain-Cayambe
  • Olivier Dubois-Tran
    Two teams tied
  • Reda El Caidi
  • Houchine Sakhi
  • Sahil Verma
  • Youcef Tchouar

ÉTS would like to congratulate all of the winners and thank the professors who helped them to prepare and played a significant role in their successful performance. ÉTS would also like to thank Adjunct Professor Alain Abran, who is very active in the organization and was the main organizer of this international competition. A total of 24 teams comprising 102 students from five countries took part in the competition this year, which marked the second edition of the event.

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