Government announcements and students returning to campus

ÉTS is delighted with the easing of measures announced by the government, and is proceeding with caution toward a gradual return to certain activities

Friday, February 5, 2021

Following the announcements that were made earlier this week by the government and the Minister of Higher Education concerning the gradual return of students to campuses, ÉTS is looking forward to welcoming students back on a gradual basis, and only for certain activities at this time, while ensuring that all necessary safety measures are in place with respect to these activities.

Access to the campus

The gradual return that was announced will enable our student community to break the isolation that has characterized the pandemic and get back to enjoying working as part of a team and in person. In fact, beginning on February 8, 2021, access to the campus will be expanded, adding to what was previously permitted, while continuing to respect the required social distancing measures:

  • The library and cafeteria remain open, and will adjust their service offers.
  • Collaborative work areas and shared work spaces in the pavilions will be accessible, allowing for work in groups of up to a maximum of 6 people. The 2-metre distancing requirements must be respected at all times.
  • Student club workshops will open in the coming days.
  • The Centre d’aide en sciences, informatique et mathématiques (CASIM – Sciences, Computing and Mathematics Assistance Centre) will continue to offer remote tutoring, and will gradually offer more and more in-person tutoring sessions.
  • The Sports Centre remains closed, pursuant to Public Health directives.

Procedures – current session

The procedures for the Winter 2021 session remain unchanged. However, the 25 co-modal classrooms will once again be made accessible to faculty members who wish to use them. They can be used for students who wish to attend their courses in person, while respecting public health requirements at all times, including the 1.5-metre distancing in class. Please note that a procedural mask must be worn at all times. Instructors are permitted to remove their mask during lecture courses, as long as they remain more than 2 m away from students.

Procedures - Final exams

Final exams will be held in person on campus from April 12 to 22, 2021. Recent government measures encourage the holding of in-person exams. The safety measures implemented by ÉTS allow for exams to be held in person in complete safety.

Exemptions are available for international students, for those who live in remote regions of Québec and for those who cannot travel for health reasons (e.g.: immunocompromised individuals or those who live with an immunocompromised individual). Detailed procedures will be sent to students by e-mail very soon.

Please note that the planned procedures for mid-term exams remain unchanged.

Procedures for welcoming international students

The federal government has recently publicized its requirements for mandatory supervised quarantine when entering Canada. ÉTS would like to reassure students who have chosen to pursue their study project at ÉTS and who plan to travel to Montréal between now and the summer.

We have implemented a variety of welcome measures (financial assistance, housing assistance, etc.) to facilitate their arrival. More detailed information will be made available soon.

Tightened safety measures

ÉTS would like to reiterate that the measures that were implemented before the government’s announcement remain in effect. The Prevention and Security Office (PSO) is strictly applying and enforcing all health requirements and control measures, especially upon entering and exiting rooms and pavilions. In addition, anyone who wishes to access the pavilions on campus must have an access card or student card.

Security measures on campus have been enhanced and are strictly enforced. Therefore, it is important to remember the following:

  • Procedural masks must be worn at all times while on campus, and are handed out upon arrival (fabric face coverings are not acceptable).
  • Individuals who are experiencing one or more symptoms related to COVID-19 are not permitted to access the campus.
  • Health and social distancing measures must be respected at all times while on campus, and the PSO will strictly apply all measures in effect.
  • Campus business hours have been reduced to comply with the curfew imposed by the government.
  • All pertinent information and rules are available on the ÉTS website.

ÉTS would also like to reiterate that procedural masks can be recycled and should be disposed of in the bins provided for this purpose at the exits from all pavilions.

We are closely monitoring the developments and the measures related to deconfinement. The government will release further guidelines by the end of February. ÉTS would like to thank its entire community for respecting the rules in force and for fighting the pandemic.


Students who require assistance or are experiencing difficulties related to the pandemic can contact the Student Services team by e-mail ( to obtain an appointment within a short period of time and to take advantage of the many available services.

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