The summer semester at ÉTS begins on Monday, May 4

The current semester is continuing remotely and without interruption

Thursday, March 26, 2020

With only a few weeks left in the current semester, which is continuing and will be completed remotely in light of the Government of Québec’s decree that closed all educational institutions on March 14 (COVID-19), École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) announces the beginning of its summer semester on Monday, May 4, 2020.

Educational activities

The semester is expected to begin remotely. In fact, students can remotely participate in the majority of courses planned for the Summer semester, a total of nearly 440 activities. There are only a small number of specialized courses that cannot be offered. Training and mentorship activities will be planned over the coming weeks to allow professors, instructors and lecturers to begin the new semester via remote training.

François Gagnon, Director General of ÉTS, asserts: "I am extremely proud to see how the faculty has come together in this situation and moved forward in order to offer courses and create winning conditions that will contribute to the success of our 11,000 students. Of course, remote teaching comes with its own set of problems, but I have seen firsthand how successfully ÉTS is meeting this new challenge. The economic and technological development of Québec is directly linked to our mission at ÉTS, and we cannot compromise when it comes to training the future engineers and ÉTS graduates that Québec needs."

According to Michel Huneault, Director of Academic Affairs: "For my part, I would like to thank all of the professors, instructors and lecturers who have put their shoulder to the wheel over the last few weeks to continue their courses remotely and without interruption. We will be unveiling a program of training and mentoring activities that will be offered between April 14 and May 1st to provide educators with the tools they need for their online platforms. This will enable them to teach the 5,500 students who are registered for the summer semester as they continue their education."

Registration procedures

The summer semester will be pushed back one week from the initial schedule, beginning on May 4. The normal length of 13 weeks will be maintained, followed by an exam period. Intensive courses that were planned for the week of April 27 to May 3 will be rescheduled.

Registration for the summer semester will be re-opened on April 6 to allow students whose work terms have been cancelled to take courses this summer. The course change period will run from May 4 to 15.

In addition, ÉTS will be as understanding and flexible as possible with respect to the payment of tuition fees by students who are experiencing financial difficulties linked to the situation involving COVID-19.

Co-operative Education Service (SEC)

Although last Monday’s announcement by the Government concerning the closing of companies and stores has postponed many summer work terms, others will continue. However, the needs of companies are difficult to ascertain at the present time. The Co-operative Education Service (SEC) is monitoring the situation daily, and will keep students informed of the procedures for summer work terms. The SEC has already seen a loosening of the normal criteria for work terms, including start dates, length, telework options, etc.

International students

New international students who are registered for the summer semester and who have already arrived in Québec can pursue their training remotely, as planned. In addition, ÉTS will do everything possible to provide them with assistance in their current circumstances.

International students who are registered for the summer semester but who have not yet arrived in Québec will receive information relevant to their specific situation from the Office of the Registrar.

International students who are registered at ÉTS and completing the current semester, and who are planning to continue their studies in the summer, may experience some uncertainty related to the situation involving COVID-19. Being away from family, the closing of borders or even the idea of prolonged isolation are among the anxieties they may face. They can always rely on the expertise and support of the Student Services (SAÉ) team, who are accessible on site and remotely.

Keep up to date

For information concerning all of the programs offered at ÉTS this summer, or to learn more about the recent actions and measures that have been implemented for the ÉTS community in response to the COVID-19 situation, please visit ETS Emergency Measures/Coronavirus.

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