Fall 2020 semester at ÉTS

The majority of courses delivered remotely and partial reopening of the campus

Friday, May 22, 2020

Update of the procedures of the Fall semester:  See the May 28, 2020 news release

In keeping with the extensive protocol developed by the Prevention and Safety Office (PSO) in response to the current COVID-19 crisis, implemented following the directives of the Direction de la santé publique (Public Health Department), ÉTS ranks among the most proactive academic institutions in terms of health and safety. In fact, more than one hundred initiatives have been undertaken to ensure the compliance and upgrading of the campus and student residences and in anticipation of a gradual return to activities. Therefore, even though ÉTS expects to deliver the majority of courses remotely this fall, it continues to work toward the reopening of its campus.

According to François Gagnon, Director General of ÉTS: "We would like to inform our students that they can confirm their study projects for the upcoming session and plan for a return to campus. We have been offering remote learning in an uninterrupted manner since March 13, 2020, when the crisis began, and we have continued on into the Summer session."

"The government expressed a desire to see students return to their universities in person this fall. We are waiting for clarification on this subject, because the existing rules respecting social distancing would not allow us to welcome our 11,000 current students into classrooms and laboratories. On the other hand, we initiated a gradual return of certain activities on May 4, primarily in the research sector, and things have been going well. In light of this, we will continue to move forward with caution and vigilance, allowing gradual access to some on-campus spaces and study areas. One of the aspects that attracts students to ÉTS is our practical and applied approach to learning. We are anxious to return to that approach in full, but the health of the members of our community remains our top priority."

Targeted in-person activities in a safe environment

In order to continue to provide an enriching student experience, ÉTS is planning for the in-person return of certain teaching activities that cannot be delivered remotely.

CUT courses

One significant example is the Cheminement universitaire en technologie (CUT – Technological Academic Path) program, where the experimentation workshops require the presence of participants. Classes will be specially designed to allow for in-person teaching in a safe environment. This program, which is intended primarily for CEGEP graduates in the natural sciences fields, comprises activities that focus on practical knowledge. The objective is to prepare students for entering into one of the seven undergraduate engineering programs.


ÉTS is also planning for graduate and post-graduate student-researchers to be able to get back into their rooms, offices and teams in person, because this type of work is often required for the advancement of applied research.

Work spaces and study areas

Team work spaces and library work rooms may be made accessible, and the Sciences, Computing and Mathematics Assistance Centre may reopen its in-person tutoring workshops, always in compliance with Public Health directives.

Student clubs

Students who are involved in groups and clubs may also be allowed to return to their workshops to work on their new prototypes.

According to Michel Huneault, Academic Affairs Director at ÉTS: “This crisis has forced us to reinvent ourselves and examine how our students can continue their learning and their development as future professionals within a context that hinders the execution of applied activities and teamwork. It is our hope that the gradual reopening of the campus to students will help to overcome this challenge to a certain extent. For students who do not live in the Metropolitan Montréal Area, the option of a full load of courses delivered remotely will allow them to pursue their studies. This unforeseen change in direction represents a collective adaptation that we must all deal with. One thing is for sure – we are doing everything in our power to ensure the success of our students.”

Registration and student orientation this fall

Preparations for student orientation activities, both remotely and in person, are also underway with a view to guiding new students through back-to-school procedures in the midst of the crisis.

Students from Québec have until August 1st to submit their application for admission. In addition, the registration period for existing students runs from June 1st to June 16. Instructions for international students will be available soon.

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