Winter 2021 session at ÉTS

General information and procedures for international students

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

ÉTS would like to encourage international students to pursue their studies this winter, despite the pandemic that is currently affecting the entire world. The specific procedures and exceptional measures that were implemented for the Fall session remain in effect for the upcoming Winter session.

Registration procedures – Winter 2021 session

The following measures have been introduced to facilitate remote registration for international students:

  • The Winter session will be delivered remotely;
  • Registration for remote courses will be available for students in all programs who are in possession of the following: 
    • Valid immigration documents (Québec acceptance certificate (CAQ) and study permit);
    • Approved immigration documents (CAQ, approval in principle or letter of introduction for study permit);
    • There is also some flexibility for international students coming from foreign partner academic institutions with which ÉTS has signed agreements;
    • Immigration documents must be sent to admission@etsmtlca by December 14, 2020 at the latest.
  • Students have the option of postponing their admission until the Summer 2021 session by writing to admission@etsmtlca, indicating their name, program, permanent code and the session to which they wish to postpone their admission.

ÉTS favours in-person exams if social and health conditions allow, and this condition has already been established for students from Québec. ÉTS is seeking co-modal solutions for the international student community, meaning in-person exams for students who are able to travel to Canada and remote exams for those who must remain outside of the country. 

Based on the most recent directives issued by government authorities, the easing of travel restrictions may allow for international students to travel to Canada in the coming weeks. ÉTS is monitoring the situation closely and awaiting further details concerning any procedures that may be announced, especially with respect to the processing of immigration documents. 

Please note that ÉTS has adopted plans and guidelines for the arrival of international students, as outlined in the Quarantine Guide.

If social and health conditions allow, international students who are able to travel to Canada will also have access to the ÉTS campus after their mandatory quarantine. All of the relevant information is available in the COVID-19: Information and procedures section of the ÉTS website, which is updated on a regular basis.

ÉTS is doing everything in its power to facilitate registration for the upcoming session for international students, who represent an invaluable asset for ÉTS, Montréal and Québec.

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