Historic investment into research at ÉTS

Major investment totalling $21.8 M for the reconfiguration and expansion of research laboratories

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon (right in the picture), Jean-François Asselin (SIG.NUM), Ghyslain Gagnon (LACIME, ÉTS) and Charles Despins (ÉTS)

On Monday, ÉTS welcomed Pierre Fitzgibbon, Québec Minister of Economy and Innovation (MEI), who recently announced a major investment totalling $21.8 M for the reconfiguration and expansion of research laboratories in the main building at ÉTS. This is the largest investment ever authorized within the context of the MEI’s Programme de soutien aux organismes de recherche et d’innovation (PSO – Program to support research and innovation organizations).

In addition to the MEI grant, ÉTS also obtained $2 M in financial support from the federal government. These funds will be added to the investments made by ÉTS itself and by others in industry, which amount to $12.6 M, bringing the total to more than $36 M. This represents an historic investment into research at ÉTS.

The funding will be divided as follows:

  • 50% of the total amount will be allocated for renovation, expansion, reconfiguration and construction work on the laboratories;
  • 50% will be allocated for the acquisition of research equipment.

In all, no fewer than 25 laboratories will be affected by this work, which will begin in the spring and span a period of two years. The space that the labs will occupy was made available through the relocation of student club workshops and classrooms to the new Pavilion D.

A remarkable opportunity for development

In expressing his thanks to Minister Fitzgibbon, the Director of Research and Partnerships at ÉTS, Charles Despins, underscored the fact that this investment "represents a remarkable opportunity for development for ÉTS. These technologically advanced laboratories will allow our researchers to target loftier objectives, raise their work to unparalleled heights and develop even more innovative solutions for the industrial sector."

"We can also expect these labs to increase the appeal of ÉTS among the most talented professors and the brightest graduate and post-graduate students."

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