International experience

The International Relations Service is hard at work

Thursday, November 26, 2020

COVID or not, the International Relations Service (SRI) remains active and is continuing its efforts to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their education. Studies or research abroad, co-op work terms abroad, technology missions, the program for international cooperation (PRÉCI) – a wide range of possibilities are available for students to expand their horizons. After all, life continues to roll on, and now is the time to prepare for next year. 

Information sessions 

In October, the entire student community was invited to take part in a virtual general information session (in French). The various types of experiences, the eligibility criteria and prerequisites, the resource persons at ÉTS, the processes and procedures to follow and testimonials from students who have enjoyed the international experience were all presented. 

Destination fair

As the next step in the process that began in October, the SRI organized a Destination fair from November 16 to 25 for those who were interested in studying abroad at one of our international partner institutions. 

This year, with direct contact being next to impossible, the SRI invited some of its international partners to introduce themselves to students through interactive webinars. More than a dozen partners from France, Spain, India, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy and China took advantage of the opportunity to present their institutions, along with their respective cities and countries, and to answer questions from ÉTS students in live sessions. Two of our partners from France, namely ENGEES and Centrale Supélec, stood out this year after signing financing agreements through Erasmus+, a European fund that gives students access to additional financing during their stay abroad. 

Submitting applications

On Friday, November 27, candidates will move on to the next step by submitting their preferred foreign exchange destinations for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Enhancing your education through international experience represents an incredible opportunity to discover other cultures and other ways of life, to learn to understand others better, to challenge yourself and to test your limits! The options are quite extensive, with ÉTS having signed agreements with more than 70 academic institutions in nearly 25 countries! 

This fall, approximately 250 individuals participated in activities organized by the SRI – a resounding success that testifies to the interest and curiosity of ÉTS students when it comes to international experiences. 

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