Brigitte Pilon, Senior Lecturer 

Teaching beyond the classroom

Friday, August 7, 2020
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Brigitte Pilon.

Recently appointed to the position of Senior Lecturer for the Technological Academic Path (TAP) – Electrical Engineering component, Brigitte Pilon is no stranger to ÉTS.

Well-established expertise 

Thanks to her keen interest and expertise in the field of education, the Dean of Studies Office at ÉTS reached out to her – this summer, in the middle of a pandemic – to enlist her expert assistance in remote teaching, in collaboration with the Bureau de soutien technopédagogique (technology-based teaching support office). Ms. Pilon has a passion for anything related to educational development, new learning strategies and the acquisition of skills. She is in the process of completing her Master’s degree in Educational Technology. Her objective is to provide students with the best possible experience. 

Her enthusiasm for education previously drove her to obtain a Bachelor degree in Enseignement des mathématiques au secondaire (teaching mathematics in secondary education). After a number of contracts as a substitute and replacement teacher, her desire for more advanced scientific knowledge led her to ÉTS. With a DCS in Natural Sciences rather than a Technical DCS in hand, she followed the Technological Academic Path before enrolling in Electrical Engineering. 

TAP Lecturer 

Once she obtained her Bachelor degree in 2015, she was offered a position as a TAP Lecturer. “I jumped at the opportunity. I missed teaching, the interaction with students and the feeling of helping them. ÉTS is a growing university that is committed to providing its students with high-quality teaching. I knew that I would be able to make full use of my knowledge in the area of education and the development of learning tools,” she explains.

For Brigitte, teaching is not defined as simply transferring knowledge or facilitating the development of skills among her students. “Above all, it is a passion. When I am with my students and I have the opportunity to teach them, it doesn’t feel like work”, she adds. Having followed the TAP herself, she is in an ideal position to understand the challenges and realities of the program. 

The Senior Lecturer: A guide 

According to Ms. Pilon: “A participatory teaching style is an important aspect of my approach. In the classroom, I try to interact with students as much as possible. I ask a lot of questions and I encourage everyone to participate. During laboratory or exercise sessions, when students ask me questions, I tend to respond in the form of a question with a view to helping them reorganize their thoughts and eventually apply their knowledge in a practical context. In this way, I act more as a guide.” 

She continues: “For me, teaching is not delivering a lecture. I believe that the role of a teacher is to be a mentor who guides students toward developing their critical thinking skills, leading them to examine themselves and the things around them. It is important to encourage discussion and participation, and to get students more involved in their own learning.”

Pedagogical achievements

In addition to lecturing for the Electrical Engineering component of the TAP, and sometimes in Computer Science, Brigitte Pilon has many pedagogical achievements to her credit, including the production of educational video content and the development of workshops in the areas of programming and robotics.

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