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Aeponyx: A prestigious partner for ÉTS

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
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In recognition of its major contributions to technology transfer in the telecommunication sector, ÉTS is pleased to honour Aeponyx with the Award of Excellence, Research and Innovation Partner. Traditionally, the Award would have been presented to Aeponyx during the Excellence in Research and Teaching Gala in the spring, but as we all know, a virus has thrown a wrench into the works! 

"Partnerships, such as the one we have created with Aeponyx, enable research to transcend the boundaries of university labs and to create tangible innovation. They also serve as a catalyst for academic researchers to develop entrepreneurial perspectives and to remain in touch with industry needs” declared Charles Despins, director of industrial innovation, who also underlined that 60% of ETS research mandates are performed in partnership with industry.

This partnership is a true success story that led to the growth of start-up company, which has now become a solid SME specializing in the design and manufacture of semiconductor chips for use in cloud computing.

François Ménard and Philippe Babin.
François Ménard and Philippe Babin.

It all started during a networking activity, where Michaël Ménard, a Professor at UQAM, met up with François Ménard (no relation), one of the Co-Founders of Aeponyx. They worked together to design a project based on a technology that was patented by Professors Frédéric Nabki and Michaël Ménard, both of whom were associated with UQAM at the time. 

Michaël Ménard, UQAM and Frédérick Nabki, ÉTS.
Michaël Ménard, UQAM and Frédérick Nabki, ÉTS.

The first joint project was so successful that it was followed by two others. At the same time, Philippe Babin and François Ménard, the Co-Founders of Aeponyx, joined the Propulsion program at Centech with a view to developing their model and their business plan.

Seven years after their first collaboration with UQAM, the company has grown from 7 to 25 employees, and today, Aeponyx, UQAM and ÉTS are working together to miniaturize the mechanical and optical components that allow for the information transmitted by optical fibres to be directed to the proper destination. This technology will eventually result in ultra-high-speed Internet service being available in remote areas, while reducing costs for operators. 

“We are touched by this Award, and as a Centech success story, we are doubly indebted to ÉTS. Academic collaboration was the launching pad for our company, and we have been conducting projects with ÉTS for more than five years now. We fully expect to build the future together,” Philippe Babin concluded.

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