Fall 2020 Semester

The ÉTS campus reawakens gradually with more in-person teaching activities

Thursday, May 28, 2020

On Tuesday, the government revealed its new guidelines for post-secondary institutions aimed at planning for a return to classes in the fall. Considering the challenges posed by these new rules, which will continue to evolve over the coming weeks, ÉTS must adjust its delivery formats for the Fall semester in response. Therefore, the semester will be delivered in hybrid mode, with an increased number of in-person activities and with regular lecture classes continuing to be delivered remotely.

According to François Gagnon, Director General of ÉTS: "We recently announced a gradual return to activities, and the new government guidelines are moving in the same direction, thus inspiring us to anticipate even more in-person activities. In light of this, the majority of students should prepare for the Fall semester on campus, especially when it comes to practical activities and labs."

"ÉTS has been recognized as being one of the safest campuses, and we continue to pull out all the stops on a daily basis to protect all members of our community. Our campus also represents an exciting and dynamic living environment, and we are anxious to get back to this vitality. However, we must acknowledge the fact that the current social distancing measures of remaining 2 metres apart do not allow us to bring back all of our students at this time, so we will continue to examine all possible scenarios", he concludes

Update – delivery formats

In keeping with the latest government guidelines, we are able to announce the following changes, with the understanding that the situation may continue to evolve:

  • The Fall semester will be delivered in hybrid mode:
    • There will be an increased number of in-person teaching activities;
    • The majority of regular lecture classes will continue to be delivered remotely;
  • The course selection period will begin on June 1st. Delivery formats (in-person or remote) will be announced soon, once the Public Health rules are understood and made official;
  • Students should prepare for a return to campus;
  • Activities that are offered in-person will be conducted in compliance with the prescribed Public Health rules.

For undergraduate students (Bachelor)

  • The regular lecture portion of the majority of courses will be delivered remotely;
  • Certain courses that are better suited to in-person teaching or that involve the integration of new students will be held on campus;
  • Laboratories, practical projects and other activities that require in-person participation will be held on campus;
  • Students will be able to take advantage of library facilities, work spaces and common areas on campus.

For graduate and post-graduate students (Master and Doctorate)

  • Given the fact that graduate and post-graduate courses include few laboratories, the majority will be delivered remotely;
  • For international students, the entire semester will be delivered remotely, in light of the currently prevailing travel and immigration conditions;
  • Student researchers will have access to their laboratories and work spaces in order to pursue their projects, in keeping with the on-campus return to research-sector activities that began on May 4, 2020.

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