Industrial Research Chair in Collaborative Robotics

ÉTS enters into a partnership with Robotiq, a global leader in collaborative robotics

Friday, September 27, 2019
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François Gagnon, Director General (ÉTS), Vincent Duchaine, Professor (ÉTS), Claire Samson, Dean of Research (ÉTS), Samuel Bouchard, CEO (Robotiq), and Charles Despins, Director of Faculty Affairs.

Developing collaborative robots that are simple to program, easy to deploy and capable of accomplishing the majority of repetitive tasks required by SMEs... That is the question facing Vincent Duchaine, a Systems Engineering Professor and holder of the new Industrial Research Chair in Collaborative Robotics, which was launched at ÉTS on September 26, 2019.

Working in collaboration with Robotiq as industrial partner, Professor Duchaine is seeking solutions to technical challenges that currently prevent collaborative robots from making huge inroads into the SME sector.

For example, robots are not easily able to apply a controlled force when assembling, inserting or polishing parts. In addition, their gripping ability must be improved in order to more closely approximate that of a human being. Toward this end, the research team will explore the avenue of tactile intelligence rather than artificial vision, which is much more prevalent in research circles. The team also plans to design machine learning algorithms aimed at simplifying programming through the use of direct demonstration, which will allow collaborative robots to execute complex tasks in confined spaces. 

A partnership with Robotiq, a global leader in collaborative robotics 

For the last seven years, Robotiq has appeared on the Robotics Business Review list of the 50 most influential robotics companies in the world. As for Vincent Duchaine, his scientific production is widely cited by his colleagues across the globe, and he ranks among the 50 most prolific authors of publications related to “sensors”, “robotics” and “flexible tactile”. His body of work, in collaboration with researchers Tony Wong, Jean-Philippe Roberge and The Thuy Hong, has led to ÉTS being ranked 25th in the world among university institutions in terms of contributions to this field of specialization. 

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