Registration for Fall 2019: A new record!

More than 2,300 students opt for ÉTS: Increased numbers of female students and Master’s students

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Once again this year, ÉTS has experienced growth at the beginning of the academic season. The Fall semester shows an increase of more than 10% in the number of new students registered for all programs combined. As of September 4, there were 2,343 new registrations, compared to 2,091 for the Fall 2018 semester.

According to Director General François Gagnon: "ÉTS continues to pursue its mission, fully embedded in all of its activities – namely meeting the needs of the industrial sector, which is in need of engineers who have not only a good theoretical background, but also practical knowledge. One-quarter of all engineers in Québec are educated at ÉTS, and the record numbers for the beginning of the year reflect this reality. The increase in the graduation rate will result in training even more engineers who are qualified to join the workforce."

Plenty of new Master’s students

What’s more, the largest increase in new students is at the graduate level, with 19% of new students undertaking Master’s programs. Just about every Master’s program has experienced growth, with the highest levels occurring in the Construction and Project Management programs. A total of 548 new students have registered for graduate programs at ÉTS for this session.

The TAP, a popular springboard

The Technological Academic Path (TAP), which constitutes a preparatory year for students who have earned a pre-university DCS and who wish to pursue undergraduate studies, has also seen considerable growth. In light of this, 367 new students registered at ÉTS this fall, which represents a 20% increase over 2018.

More female students

With respect to female students, it is important to remember that they currently represent close to 17% of the student population, and have seen their number grow by more than 440 in the last few days, compared to 367 in 2018. The efforts aimed at promoting science and engineering among female students are gradually beginning to bear fruit.

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