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Well-deserved recognition for ÉTS researchers, professors and lecturers

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

During the Awards of Excellence Gala that was held on April 8, 2019, ÉTS celebrated the exceptional work of five of its members, honouring them with Awards of Excellence from the Board of Governors. The annual Awards of Excellence, which are presented to members of the ÉTS faculty who have distinguished themselves during the previous year, are a reflection of the importance that ÉTS places on constantly improving the quality of teaching, research and community service among its professors and lecturers.

Award of Excellence – Community Service

From her ongoing involvement in multiple committees to organizing conferences and symposia to evaluating scholarships and organizing scientific events intended for a young audience, it is clear that Michèle St-Jacques, this year’s recipient of the Award of Excellence for Community Service, is a very committed individual. Her invaluable contribution to the positive outreach of ÉTS is accomplished through her close collaboration with a diverse array of partners from the industrial and research sectors and the various levels of government.

Award of Excellence – Courses Lecturer

A multi-talented and energetic educator, Gabriel Caron-L’écuyer has been responsible for no less than nine different courses in three departments (General Education Service, Construction Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department) since 2012. The winner of the 2018 Award of Excellence for Instructors has taught more than 2,000 students in 53 classes! His diligence in delivering quality education based on the specific learning needs of his students attests to his incredible commitment to them.

Award of Excellence – Teaching

Catherine Laporte has been a Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at ÉTS since 2010. The recipient of the 2018 Award of Excellence in Teaching immediately distinguished herself through her enthusiasm and her commitment to her students. Her focus on their success is supported by the judicious use of an expansive toolbox of educational approaches, including active learning, which relies on practical application and the acquisition of technical and transverse skills.

Award of Excellence – Emerging Researcher

The scientific output of Georges Kaddoum, winner of the Award of Excellence in Research for an Emerging Researcher, includes more than 150 articles published in leading scientific journals and participation in a large number of international conferences. He is currently working with more than 20 internationally recognized researchers from the most respected universities in the world. His research activities, which are focused on improving the efficiency and security of 5G networks while optimizing energy consumption, are well known in both academic and industrial circles. In addition, most of his research projects involve industrial partners, which is perfectly in step with the “engineering for industry” focus at ÉTS.

Award of Excellence &ndash Research

Professor Omar Chaallal is a prolific Researcher whose reputation and skill are known far and wide. His work focuses primarily on infrastructure and built environments, materials, manufacturing and ground transportation. His fields of expertise include seismic analysis, reinforced concrete, composite materials and structures. The recipient of the 2018 Award of Excellence in Research also holds a number of Construction Engineering Department records, such as the largest discovery research grant ever awarded by NSERC and the most “FRQNT-Team” and “Research Tools and Instruments” grants given by NSERC.

The Recognition Gala also served as an opportunity to present other awards and honour ÉTS professors and researchers, and to recognize companies that have worked closely with them in connection with certain research activities.

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