Global March for Climate

ÉTS is joining the cause September 27th!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

In keeping up with the news and the international movement surrounding the Global March for Climate organized for September 27, 2019, ETS plans to participate by signing a climate emergency commitment and joining the march.

According to Director General François Gagnon: “It’s both motivational and exciting to see this kind of mobilization coalescing around climate change and the environment. Climate change questions represent a societal issue that drive us all to collective action, especially as engineers. In our position as those who are educating the next generation, we have a weighty responsibility with respect to environmental changes. They must form an integral component of our actions, both individually and as a community, particularly considering the field of education and the areas of expertise of an engineering school.”

Signature – September 24th

“We will begin at 12:00 noon on September 24, 2019 by signing a Climate Emergency Declaration and undertaking significant commitments. This will take place at the ÉTS Maison des étudiants (Student House – Pavilion E) as a joint effort involving a number of Québec universities. A large group of professors, students and employees will be present for the signing.”

Global March for Climate – September 27

“I will personally be steadfastly participating in this March for Climate along with other senior executives from ÉTS, and I expect that many members of the ÉTS staff will want to do the same.

We have encouraged professors to plan their academic activities in such a way as to not penalize students, namely by not planning any assessment activities on this date in the afternoon. However, no classes have been cancelled at this time.

The student association has encouraged students to make their voices heard with a strike vote on September 20, 2019, and we will be monitoring the situation. We remain attentive to the needs of our community.

Employees are also encouraged to take part in the march. They can use hours accumulated in their time bank, or their available leave or vacation time. However, they must ensure that essential services are maintained.”

Julien-Pierre Lacombe
Sustainable Development Advisor
Communication Service
514 919-3056

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