For ÉTS researchers, IoT, AI and 5G are much more than just trendy acronyms

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
researchers working communications and microelectronic integration laboratory
Eleven of the thirteen researchers working in the Communications and Microelectronic Integration Laboratory (LACIME),

For the thirteen researchers working in the Communications and Microelectronic Integration Laboratory (LACIME), the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G represent much more than today’s fashionable concepts: they are the focus of their research work. Participants in the LACIME congress, which was held in February at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), were given an opportunity to see that the applications produced by this work will not only transform the daily lives of the general public, but will also affect daily operations in the manufacturing, aerospace and biomedical industries.

Research work that leads to practical applications 

For example, did you know that one team at LACIME is working on developing a contactless electrocardiogram that could help to decrease cardiac mortality? Or that another team is seeking solutions to enhance information flow, security and energy consumption in 5G+ wireless communication networks? 
In addition, researchers at ÉTS are working toward increasing the autonomy of batteries for mobile phones and reducing energy consumption in our homes. LACIME is even delving into the world of fine art! In fact, one team is working with specialists from a variety of fields to create interactive electronic artworks. 

It is also worth noting that François Gagnon, a Professor at LACIME, is heading the new Institut d’apprentissage automatique résilient (ReMi) ÉTS-Ultra Électronique TCS [ÉTS-Ultra Electronics TCS Resilient Machine Learning Institute (ReMi)]. This new institute, which specializes in machine learning, will be supported by a network of researchers from six American and European universities as it develops solutions for telecommunication problems that occur during major incidents, among other projects. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the projects that the thirteen Professors at LACIME are working on. Consult the list of projects presented during the congres

panel lacime
The panel: Mathieu Hémon (Omnichannel Payment Solutions), Francisco Goncalves (Thales), David Rolston (Reflex Photonics), Martin Bolduc (Varitron) and Fidele Moupfouma (Bombardier).

Promising career prospects in research and development (R and D)

The congress ended on a high note, with a panel discussing career prospects in R and D. The panel of industry representatives demonstrated that R and D professionals from a wide variety of fields can prove to be invaluable assets for companies, and that a Ph.D. in Engineering does not necessarily lead exclusively to an academic career! 

Francisco Goncalves from Thales Canada, Fidele Moupfouma from Bombardier, Martin Bolduc from Varitron, David Rolston from Reflex Photonics and Mathieu Hémon from Omnichannel Payment Solutions then answered questions from participants, primarily with respect to the qualities required for a career in R and D and the value that employers place on publications. 

LACIME: A leading research hub at ÉTS 

LACIME is beginning its 24th year of operation at ÉTS. Over the years, its members have earned numerous awards and helped their industrial partners to resolve a variety of complex research problems. In 2018, the researchers at LACIME published more than 110 scientific articles. 

A number of significant research chairs are associated with the lab, including the NSERC-Ultra Electronics Chair on Wireless Emergency and Tactical Communications, the ETS Research Chair on Terahertz (THz) Optoelectronics and the ETS Research Chair on Physical Layer Security in Wireless Networks. 

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