François Gagnon appointed Director General of ÉTS

The Québec government appointed François Gagnon to the position of Director General of Montréal’s ÉTS

Monday, June 10, 2019
François Gagnon director general

During the Cabinet meeting of June, the Québec government appointed François Gagnon to the position of Director General of Montréal’s École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). Until recently, Mr. Gagnon was a Full Professor at ÉTS, Director of the Institut pour la résilience et l’apprentissage automatisé (Resilient Machine Learning Institute) and holder of the Dr. Richard J. Marceau Chair on Wireless IP Technology for Developing Countries. He will begin his 5-year mandate as Director General on June 10, 2019.

Mr. Gagnon, who holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, joined ÉTS in 1991, where his career has encompassed the positions of Director of the Electrical Engineering Department, original Director of the Communications and Microelectronic Integration Laboratory (LACIME) and holder of the Chaire de recherche industrielle Ultra Électronique (SCT) en télécommunications sans fil (Ultra Electronics TCS Industrial Research Chair in Wireless Communication) and the NSERC-Ultra Electronics Chair on Wireless Emergency and Tactical Communications.

It is also worth noting that he was one of the two first ÉTS professors to be awarded a research chair. Over the years, he has forged and maintained strong ties with the company for which he has developed cutting-edge technological products that have allowed it to rise above its competition within its sector of activity. In doing so, he has unquestionably and masterfully epitomized the ÉTS mission and commitment to Engineering for Industry.

A renowned researcher

François Gagnon enjoyed a prolific career as a researcher, obtaining close to 70 grants and 45 research contracts, representing in excess of $40 million in funding. He directed and co-directed end-of-studies projects for more than 100 undergraduate students, 70 Master’s students, 23 Doctoral students and 15 post-doctoral fellows.

The new Director General has received countless accolades for the quality of his work in the field of wireless communication. In 2018, he was presented with a medal from Université du Québec, within the context of the 50th anniversary of the UQ network, in recognition of his inestimable contribution to the reputation of ÉTS. He also received an ADRIQ Partnership Award with Ultra Electronics in 2017, the SYTACom Industrial Collaboration Award in 2009, the prestigious NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation in 2008 and numerous other distinctions for scientific papers. He also became a member of the Université du Québec Circle of Excellence in 2004.

Looking ahead

François Gagnon is a leading Researcher, Professor-Administrator and Engineer-Innovator who has experienced success after success in recent decades, and his many responsibilities and experiences have enabled him to develop exceptional interpersonal and relationship skills.

Now, after devoting more than two decades of his life to teaching and research, he will apply his considerable knowledge of ÉTS to the task of enhancing the school’s reputation and further augmenting its stature. He affirms: "I have deep roots at ÉTS, and I am firmly attached to the entire community. My goal is to work quickly, in consultation and collaboration with this community, to carry out strategic and structuring projects for the school. Teaching, research, the living environment and governance are my top priorities in terms of targeting objectives shared by society as a whole. In attaining these objectives, I will base my actions on the values that I hold so dear: equity, commitment to society and mobilization.

I am honoured to take up the mantle of Director General of this engineering school, which is ranked second in Canada in terms of the number of new engineers who graduate annually, and which boasts one of the largest university campuses in Montréal. We will work closely with all stakeholders, partners and governments to ensure that the work done by our professors and researchers generates the most extensive possible impact, and to attract the greatest possible number of students, and especially women, to the profession of engineer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cédrick Pautel, who assumed the responsibilities of Director General on an interim basis from February to June of this year. He skillfully and effectively managed the ongoing files, and passes on the direction of a very healthy ÉTS. I look forward to working with him over the next while, and with the entire team in the Office of the Director General. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not also express my sincere gratitude to my predecessor, Pierre Dumouchel, for his invaluable contribution to the growth of ÉTS during his time as Director General."

Pierre Dumouchel held the position of Director General of ÉTS from February 2014 to February 2019.

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