New agreement between ÉTS and Réseau ÉTS

ÉTS increases its level of investment in graduates

Thursday, March 28, 2019

ÉTS reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing and strengthening ties with graduates by signing a new cooperation agreement with its graduates’ association, Réseau ÉTS (ÉTS network).

This agreement was signed within the context of the reorganization of the Development Fund and Graduate Relations Service (DFGRS), with a view to inspiring commitment among the ÉTS community and its graduates. Among other provisions, the terms of the agreement allow for an offer of financial support to Réseau ÉTS for organizing activities for graduates and meeting their needs. The DFGRS team also provides support in the form of consulting services and administrative assistance for Réseau ÉTS. In addition, affinity partnership contracts will be transferred to and managed by ÉTS.

Cédrick Pautel, Acting Director General and General Secretary of ÉTS, affirms: "We appreciate the invaluable contribution of our graduates to the development and reputation of ÉTS, and we are committed to maintaining and enhancing the constructive exchange that we have forged with them over many years."

According to Luc Bergeron, President of Réseau ÉTS: “This is a major milestone in the 42-year history of the Réseau. This confirmation of support from ÉTS strengthens our ability to accomplish our mission, which focuses on the creation of strong ties between the thousands of graduates every year and this incredible and growing ÉTS community that we are so proud to belong to."

Cédrick Pautel continues: "I would especially like to thank Simon Desrosiers, the former President of Réseau ÉTS, and Luc Bergeron, the current President, for their support during the formulation of this inaugural agreement. None of this would have been possible without their cooperation and involvement."

First row: Cédrick Pautel, Acting Director General and General Secretary of ÉTS and Luc Bergeron, President of Réseau ÉTS.
Second row: Suzanne Bélanger, Director of DFGRS, Roger Lincourt, Director of the major campaign, Myrielle Robitaille, Secretary of Réseau ÉTS and Hussein Suprême, Assistant Vice-President of Réseau ÉTS.

Réseau ÉTS
Three years after ÉTS was founded in 1974, the graduates’ association (formerly ADÉTS) was launched. Now called Réseau ÉTS, it comprises a Board of Directors that looks after the interests of graduates. In dealing with ÉTS, it is mandated to represent the needs of graduates and provide them with a presence and a voice. Graduates are encouraged to mutually support each other and to develop their networks by taking part in annual activities organized by Réseau ÉTS.

Since 1974, ÉTS has trained close to 25,000 engineers. ÉTS graduates continue to stand apart because of their practical experience on the labour market. They give back to their alma mater and make significant contributions in support of current students. Some ÉTS graduates employ work-term students, while others offer scholarships to students or act as mentors for the next generation of engineers.

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