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Monday, May 27, 2019

The democratization of 5G, essential competencies for construction project managers, the accuracy of computer-aided inspection software, the university of the 21st century and verbal communication among the elderly are only a few of the subjects that will be presented by the four Engineering professors and twelve graduate and post-graduate students from École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) who will be participating in the 87th ACFAS Congress to be held at Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) from May 27 to 31. 

The diversity of subjects that will be touched upon during the Congress is evidence that engineering applies to virtually every sector of society, from health to technology to the environment, energy, construction, etc. 

antoine tahan professeur ets
Professor Antoine Tahan of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Studying the accuracy of computer-aided inspection software 

Manufacturers are increasingly turning toward computer-aided inspection systems to verify the compliance of the parts that they produce. However, the results of these inspections may vary, depending on the software and parameters that are used. Researchers refer to this as “algorithmic error”. Professor Antoine Tahan of the Mechanical Engineering Department at ÉTS is focusing his work on studying the accuracy of calculations produced by these types of software, not only for the purpose of resolving this issue, but also to eventually create a software compliance standard. He will be presenting his research work at 2:20 p.m. on Monday, May 27, during a session entitled “Algorithmic error in computer-aided inspection software”. 

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christiane papineau ets
Professor Christiane Papineau of the Construction Engineering Department.

Understanding the essential competencies required for a construction project manager 

We all know that the world is becoming increasingly complex, and the construction industry has not escaped this complexity, with projects now involving multitudes of stakeholders. In order to guarantee success, employers must be able to rely on highly competent project managers. In addition to technical knowledge and work experience, what are the key competencies and essential qualities that project managers must possess? In order to answer this question, Professor Christiane Papineau of the Construction Engineering Department at ÉTS conducted a survey among 100 employers and 50 construction project managers. The results led to the identification of 13 skills and 11 qualities that are deemed to be essential. Professor Papineau will display a poster outlining these competencies on Tuesday, May 28, between 12:30 and 3:00 p.m.

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frederic nabki ets
Professor Frédéric Nabki of the Systems Engineering Department.

Democratizing 5G by creating more affordable and energy-efficient components 

The 5th generation network, commonly known as 5G, is an extremely popular subject. While it promises to open the doors to incredible advances in wireless systems, there are a number of technological obstacles that must be overcome before it can be made accessible to everyone, including the high cost of use and excessive energy consumption of 5G-compatible integrated circuits. Professor Frédéric Nabki of the Systems Engineering Department at ÉTS may have the solution! A wireless chip equipped with characteristics that allow devices to adapt to 5G networks. Professor Nabki will present an overview of the research that he has conducted in this area for SPARK Microsystems, the start-up company that he co-founded with a colleague. This presentation is scheduled for 10:40 a.m. on Thursday, May 30. 

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nicola hagemeister ETS
Nicola Hagemeister, Professor in the Systems Engineering Department.

Round Table for Research and Education Administrators

Nicola Hagemeister, a Professor in the Systems Engineering Department at ÉTS, will act as spokesperson during the Round Table for Research and Education Administrators that will be held at 4:35 p.m. on Wednesday, May 29. The round table is in keeping with the theme of the Congress: “The University of the 21st Century: Issues, Challenges and Prospects”. 

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Graduate and post-graduate students at the ACFAS Congress

Twelve graduate and post-graduate students from ÉTS will be presenting topics or posters during the ACFAS Congress. Many of these students will be accompanied by their Research Director and other colleagues. 

  • Darine Ayemed: Cartographier, positionner et identifier les synergies et les compromis de l’opérationnalisation de la recherche au CIRODD par ses projets relativement à la mise en œuvre de l’agenda ODD 2030 dans son ensemble (Mapping, positioning and identifying synergies and compromises in the operationalization of research at CIRODD through its projects involving the implementation of the 2030 OSD agenda as a whole).
  • Raul Arango-Miranda: Les analyses d’exergie et d’énergie du secteur industriel québécois; 1998-2013. Un outil de durabilité (Analysis of exergy and energy in the Québec industrial sector, 1998-2013: A sustainability tool).
  • Enora Barrau: Application des principes d’analyse des réseaux écologiques à une symbiose territoriale (Applying the principles of ecological network analysis to a territorial symbiosis) 
  • Laurent Émond-Girard: Analyse expérimentale de l’erreur de positionnement d’un assemblage assisté par la métrologie 3D (Experimental analysis of assembly position error using 3D metrology)
  • Helmi Garraoui: Approche automatisée pour l’étude de la communication non verbale chez les personnes âgées (Automated approach to studying non-verbal communication among the elderly)
  • Anh-Thu Gloria Hang-Vo: Segmentation et suivi du contour des lèvres par contour actif (Segmentation and following the contour of the lips using active contour)
  • Ibtissem Jbira: Une étude de la reproductibilité entre les logiciels d’inspection assistée par ordinateur à partir d’un nuage de points (A study of reproducibility among computer-aided inspection software applications using a point cloud)
  • Caroline Lecours: Analyse biomécanique du risque de traumatisme crânio-cérébral léger lors de la pratique du soccer (Biomechanical analysis of the risk of mild traumatic brain injury while playing soccer)
  • Laurence Martin: Habiletés de traitement auditif et résultats électrophysiologiques chez des adultes présentant une surdité professionnelle (Auditory processing skills and electrophysiological results among adults suffering from occupational deafness)
  • Jérémy Montlahuc: Vers une utilisation conjointe de données multi-sources pour la génération et le traitement de nuages de points multicouches de parcelles et d’ouvrages existants : constats et premiers éléments d’analyse (Toward shared use of multi-source data for generating and processing multi-layer parcel point clouds and existing structures: Observations and initial analysis elements).
  • Valentin Thieulin: Investigation des performances in situ de la numérisation d’une tuyauterie industrielle par photogrammétrie et lumière structurée (Investigating the on-site performance of digitalizing industrial piping using photogrammetry and structured light)
  • Mariia Zhuldybina: Caractérisation d'électronique imprimable (Characterization of printable electronics)

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