Another world record for the wind-powered vehicle built at ÉTS!

Chinook 9 overshadows the competition at Racing Aeolus Den Helder

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Photo credit: Racing Aeolus Den Helder

For the 3rd consecutive year, ÉTS students have shone brilliantly during the university wind-powered vehicle competition held at Den Helder in the Netherlands. After running the fastest race with a record efficiency ratio of 113.97% in 2018, the team eclipsed their own mark again this year, attaining an efficiency ratio of 114.82% and setting a new record!

A foregone conclusion

The ÉTS team has been dominating the competition for a many years. The Chinook club held the world record from 2012 to 2015, and again from 2017 to 2018.

Expectations for this year were extremely high, and the ÉTS team was well aware. So it was with renewed determination and a goal of setting a new world record that the students set about designing their latest version, Chinook 9, as seen in this video, which was produced in June 2019 for the official launch of the vehicle:

Fortunately, the team’s relentless work paid off, with results that speak for themselves:

  • 1st place in endurance, with an average efficiency ratio of 105.48%;
  • Fastest race, with a world record 114.82% efficiency ratio;
  • 1st place in the drag races;
  • 2nd place in innovation.

Calculating efficiency

The speed of wind-powered vehicles depends on the wind speed, so the performance of these vehicles is not measured in km/h, but rather in efficiency percentage. The efficiency ratio is calculated by dividing the average speed of the vehicle by the average wind speed. A result in excess of 100% signifies that the vehicle was travelling faster than the wind!

Racing Aeolus Den Helder 2019

The race has been held in the Netherlands for the last 12 years, attracting dozens of teams from every corner of the globe. Chinook ÉTS was the only team from a North American university to participate in the competition.

Top 3 finishers:

  • 1st place: Chinook ÉTS, École de technologie supérieure, Canada
  • 2nd place: Baltic Twin Thunder, Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • 3rd place: DTU Wind Turbine Racer, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark

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