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Honouring the team that founded Technological Academic Path

Monday, September 16, 2019
equipe cheminement universitaire en technologie de ETS
The Technological Academic Path founding team, flanked by Johanne Jean, President of Université du Québec, and François Gagnon, Director General of ÉTS.

Every year, ÉTS makes a recommendation to the Head Office concerning the nomination of an individual for the Université du Québec Circle of Excellence. This year, it has chosen to champion the nomination of an entire team, namely Idriss Ammara, Fernando Avendano, Hugues Langlois, David Marche, Philippe Terrier and Claude Théorêt, all Senior Lecturers in the General Education Service (GES), the team that founded Technological Academic Path.

A distinctive program

The contribution made by the founding members of Technological Academic Path is an integral component of the success of this unique program.

Launched in 2007 with a total of 47 students from pre-university programs in the natural sciences, computer sciences and mathematics, this technological training program has surpassed all expectations, and now welcomes 400 students every fall.

There is no question that this success is also due in large part to the energy, vision and passion that the founding members brought to this distinctive program, which allows students to progress from the theoretical to the practical.

Ambitious and innovative challenges

Each project chosen for Technological Academic Path must meet the elevated criteria for the program: it must be multidisciplinary, ambitious, original and innovative; it must enhance students’ environmental awareness and it must reflect the reality facing engineers, who deal with the rapid evolution of technology throughout their careers.

These Senior Lecturers have set the bar so high that they are forced to continuously reinvent themselves and research exciting projects that are conducive to the assimilation of a diverse range of technical knowledge.

Whether they are designing an ornithopter, a hovercraft, a wind-powered vehicle or a paramotor, each project must provide students with an opportunity to evolve and to put their knowledge, creativity and propensity for teamwork into practice. The wind-powered vehicle project even led to the creation of the Chinook student club by one of the Academic Path students.

A tightly knit team

Every member of the GES who teaches at Academic Path brings their own personal touch, but the high level of collegiality that drives the entire team and their passion for sharing knowledge are among the key elements from which the students derive great benefit.

ÉTS is delighted that the contribution made by the founders of Technological Academic Path to training the next generation of engineers is being showcased, and extremely proud of their induction into the Université du Québec Circle of Excellence.

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