Announcement of the first phase of the Express Bike Network (EBN)

ÉTS welcomes Mayor Valérie Plante

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

On May 27, Montréal Mayor Valérie Plante chose ÉTS as the location for announcing the first phase of the Express Bike Network (EBN).

One of the announcements made by Mayor Plante during her press conference was the development of five bike route axes, including one on Peel St. between De Maisonneuve Boulevard and the Jardin des écluses – a two-kilometre north-south axis that runs through the heart of Griffintown, at the eastern entrance to the ÉTS campus – along with the addition of more than 180 kilometres of bike routes.

Cédrick Pautel, Interim Director General and Secretary General of ÉTS, took advantage of the occasion to point out certain common elements between the EBN project and the urban vision for the campus: “In 2018, we conducted an extensive consultation involving the university community, organizations in the neighbourhood and stakeholders from the City in order to gain a real understanding of their concerns and expectations with respect to the development of our campus. Promoting active transportation emerged as one of the main priorities, and today’s announcement follows along these same lines in terms of offering more possibilities and better access for local cyclists while promoting sustainable mobility and safety."

Cycling at ÉTS:

  • A cooperative cycling workshop (C.R.A.B.E.) was created and is managed by students, allowing members of the community to share tools, equipment and knowledge in order to ensure proper maintenance and operation of their bicycles;
  • Three BIXI stations have been installed on campus, and the station at the corner of Peel and Notre-Dame Ouest is among the busiest in Montréal;
  • 28% of community members choose to travel to ÉTS by bike at least once per week in the summer, and 8% use bicycles as their main mode of transportation throughout the year;
  • The campus features 124 outdoor bicycle racks, and others will be added, because the existing ones are already at full capacity;
  • The campus features 167 secure indoor bicycle racks located in underground parking facilities;
  • Close to 200 members of the ÉTS community joined together this year to obtain a group membership for BIXI, which offers 15% off the annual cost;
  • BIXI keys are available to employees for their job-related travel.

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