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A prestigious award for Professor Georges Kaddoum

Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Johanne Jean, President of Université du Québec, Professor Georges Kaddoum and Pierre Dumouchel, Director General of ÉTS

Professor Georges Kaddoum, a member of the Electrical Engineering Department at ÉTS, was recently honoured with a Prix d’excellence de la relève, volet Sciences naturelles, genie et sciences de la santé (Next Generation Award of Excellence, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences Component) presented by the Université du Québec (UQ) network. ÉTS is a constituent of the UQ network.
The award was presented during UQ’s 50th anniversary Forum, the goal of which is to discover existing talents among the various institutions that constitute the UQ network. Next Generation Awards of Excellence are given to new professors who have distinguished themselves through their extraordinary contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the development of their respective fields of research, and whose work carries a significant potential impact.

Georges Kaddoum, who holds the Research Chair on Physical Layer Security in Wireless Networks, is one of these new professors. Incredible advances have been made in the field of wireless technology over the last 40 years, and the development shows no sign of slowing down! The impending arrival of 5G networks will revolutionize wireless telecommunications, with a connection density approaching 100 times that of the preceding generation (4G).
Not only will transmission inconsistencies and delays be eliminated, but new markets will be opened up for industries that require larger numbers of connectivities and increased data usage, including autonomous vehicles, telemedicine and the Internet of Things.

Georges Kaddoum is one of the leading researchers in this field in Canada. His work, which focuses on improving the efficiency and security of 5G networks while optimizing their energy consumption, is widely recognized in academic circles and in industry. More specifically, Professor Kaddoum is relentless in his efforts to advance the level of technology in 5G+ networks. His goal is to reduce latency, increase connections/km2 and enhance the security of future heterogonous networks.
His work offers innovative solutions in multiple areas, from managing the density of connections within cells to optimal exploitation of the available spectrum to enhancing spectral efficiency. These solutions will be integrated into promising fields, such as the Internet of Things, vehicular communication and telemedicine applications.
At the same time, Professor Kaddoum is working on a number of innovative techniques that take advantage of the properties of mobile radio channels, with a view to increasing the security, confidentiality and integrity of information that is transmitted over multiple layers of a network. His total mastery of the technological challenges related to communication networks translates into promising solutions, and his scientific and technological advances have real-world applications.
There is no question that Professor Kaddoum’s research will contribute to the expansion of knowledge leading to the deployment of tomorrow’s communication technologies.
ÉTS is delighted that his work has been recognized and rewarded, and extends its most sincere congratulations to Professor Georges Kaddoum.

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