Francis Bordeleau

An expert in the engineering of model-based software systems joins ÉTS

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The ÉTS Faculty Affairs Office is pleased to announce the hiring of Professor Francis Bordeleau in the Software and Information Technology (IT) Engineering Department.

Professor Bordeleau is an expert in the engineering of model-based software systems. Over a period of four years, he was responsible for developing modeling tools for the central IT group at Ericsson. He also headed the creation of a consortium for a modeling tool called Eclipse Papyrus.

Driven by a desire to overcome challenges, Francis Bordeleau founded two companies in Gatineau, namely Zeligsoft in 2002 and Cmind in 2017. The former develops modeling and automation tools for component-based systems, while the latter designs open source products based on Eclipse Papyrus solutions.

Francis Bordeleau is an expert in improving development methods, tools and processes leading to the creation of software applications. He explains: “Systems used to be closed and not very compatible, but today, they no longer evolve on their own, but within a system of systems. This raises the question of how to build these systems to ensure continuous improvement, and so that they will be able to adapt to various environments, to be deployed in the cloud, etc.” His specific mandate is to create tools and methods that enhance the quality of systems and the productivity of development teams while reducing costs.

Sharing knowledge

Thanks to his experience, Francis Bordeleau has acquired a great deal of expertise in the field of open source software. He is convinced of the need for agile technology, and has worked tirelessly in this area, which enables companies to develop customized solutions at lower costs and derives benefits from the improvements made by the community of users.

A lecturer at Carleton University for a decade, his desire is to transmit his experience to the younger generation. He has chosen ÉTS because the learning is tied to the real world, with applied research and collaboration with industry forming the cornerstone of the school’s mission. Professor Bordeleau explains: “Working with companies is extremely important to me. Focusing on theoretical software engineering with no industrial validation is worthless. I want to apply software engineering to industry.”

Francis Bordeleau has been given the task of launching a research chair linked to the entrepreneurial world to help developing companies and improve their methods and tools. This involves introducing an entire work method based on agility. The teams must learn how to carry out iterative projects as a team and adapt to technological changes on a continuous basis.

Francis Bordeleau knows how to use his technical skills, his entrepreneurial experience and his ability to mobilize communities around projects, like he did with the Eclipse Papyrus industrial consortium, in the best interests of his students and his school.

Professor Bordeleau is an expert in improving development methods
Professor Bordeleau is an expert in the engineering of model-based software systems.
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