Saveurs de génie competition at ÉTS

A resounding success and a grand prize for GéniALE

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The fourth edition of Saveurs de Génie (Engineered taste), a competition among brewing clubs from universities in Québec, was held at ÉTS on November 9, 2018. A great time was had by all. Organized by ÉTS students and intended to stir up interest in university brewing clubs, the competition was fierce among the five clubs from four universities: Polybroue from Polytechnique Montréal, Microbroue and Brassta from Université Laval, Sherbroue from Université de Sherbrooke, Bishop’s Arches Brewery from Bishop’s University, and of course, GéniALE from ÉTS, which took home the top Innovation prize for its S.O.A.F system.

geniale ets
GéniALE ÉTS Team (Picture by Nicolas Crevier)

A frothy competition
Nothing about the Saveurs de Génie competition is left to chance, because it is certified by the Beer Judge Certification Program, and each beer is evaluated by the judges in two categories: Taste and Innovation. The judges (Philippe Wouters, beer expert and Editor of Bières et plaisirs, Deborah Wood, Brewing Ingredient Specialist at BSG Canada, Mathieu Garceau-Tremblay, Head Brewer at Brasserie Rurale 11 Comtés, Benoît Mercier, Co-Owner and Master Brewer at Brasserie Benelux, and Simon Gaudreault, Co-Owner and Sommelier at Dunham Brewery) carefully and meticulously evaluated the five competing products.

GéniALE ÉTS earned the grand prize in the Innovation category for S.O.A.F., an operational fermentation analysis system that allows for monitoring of fermentation over time or in real time. The system measures the temperature, pH, density and level of dissolved oxygen in the fermenting beer, and displays the information using an intuitive Web application that is intended to optimize the day-to-day operations of breweries. The judges were so impressed by the system developed by GéniALE because it undoubtedly meets a real need in the brewing industry, which is an important criterion in the innovation category.

Microbrasserie Universitaire Brassta (Université Laval) took home the grand prize in the Taste category for its Faculthé beer, a very original wheat beer made with peach flavoured Oolong tea.

SherBroue (Université de Sherbrooke) garnered the coeur de coeur du public (public’s choice) award for l’Ingénieuse, an Irish Red Ale that was a favourite among beer lovers.

Outside of the competition component of the event, Saveurs de génie is a veritable beer festival that features conferences and tastings offered by approximately twenty microbreweries. Attendees were able to get their hands on the official tasting glass for the event in order to savour the many beers from the participating Québec-based microbreweries.

The event was so successful that the organizers are already planning for the fifth edition in November of 2019.

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