Aris Leivadeas

An expert in cloud computing, network optimization and management and the Internet of Things.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Software and Information Technology Engineering Department at ÉTS recently welcomed Professor Aris Leivadeas.

Professor Leivadeas, who is of Greek origin, is an expert in cloud computing, network optimization and management, resource allocation, the virtualization of network functions and the Internet of Things. His work is focused on your phones, so to speak! His goal is to constantly improve the efficiency of networks.

After earning his diploma in Electrical Engineering from the University of Patras (Greece) School of Engineering in 2008, Aris Leivadeas pursued his Master’s in Mobile and Personal Communication at King’s College in London. He then completed his Doctoral studies at the National Technical University of Athens in 2015. “That is where I started my work in cloud computing and resource allocation for European projects”, he explains. He arrived in Canada that same year to pursue his post-doctoral studies at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Professor Leivadeas worked for Ericsson within the context of a research project that involved analyzing how an LTE network accessible to operators and an open Wi-Fi network could co-exist with no saturation problems. In effect, the LTE network begins to overload, while the Wi-Fi network, which features greater capacity, can be used in a supplemental role, provided that the two worlds can reach an agreement once the technical constraints are resolved.

Bringing all of his skills to bear

The industry experience that Aris Leivadeas has acquired does not stop there. He also recently headed research projects for Cisco involving an analysis of replacing hardware with software, which allows for the acquisition of multiple functionalities at lower cost and with more flexibility. According to Professor Leivadeas: “The challenge is to understand how to configure everything so that the performance of each aspect is as good with the software as it is with the hardware. The server must function properly with all of the additional virtual applications.”

Aris Leivadeas joined ÉTS on August 1, 2018, and his teaching focuses on networks, mobile applications and programming. He is also working toward securing funding that will allow him to continue his research, and especially his collaborations with Ericsson and Cisco. As he points out, “I was at a crossroads. I could either continue my career in an academic setting or work in industry. However, I wanted to maintain the freedom and autonomy of a professor while working with companies in the real world. With ÉTS, I can do both.”

At this point, his goal is to bring all of his expertise to bear in tackling a diverse set of problems. “For example, in terms of smart cities, we need connected cameras, and the data must be analyzed in the cloud. I am very interested in seeing how these data are transmitted: by Wi-Fi, by LTE? What are the best methods to use between the sensor in the street and the cloud, taking into account the volume of information transmitted, the urgency, the required level of resolution, etc.”, Professor Leivadeas asks.

His skills and his research subjects are in lockstep with the challenges faced by modern society.

aris leivadeas is an expert in IT Engineering at ETS
Professor Aris Leivadeas.
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