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Areas of research

The research conducted at LTSB is intended to improve the energy and hygrothermal performance of buildings through the analysis of real problems at all levels, from a single material to a process for an entire building.

Energy efficiency in buildings

  • On-site energy measurements
  • Analysis of operational data
  • Numerical modeling of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Development of design tools (calculation methods, equipment selection, sizing, controls)
  • Heat and humidity transfer inside buildings (experimental testing, analysis, numerical modeling and simulation)

Indoor environmental quality

  • Thermal comfort for occupants
  • Indoor air quality and filtration
  • Numerical modeling and on-site measurement of the dispersion of contaminants
  • Performance study of ventilation systems

Thermal storage

  • Development of phase-change materials and design of storage systems
  • In situ performance analysis
  • Development of sizing and selection tools to support the deployment of thermal storage in industry

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